Since beginning fundraising for Henry we have had huge support from friends and family. Polly, Simon, Henry and William would like to express our thanks to everyone and would like to give a few mentions as below...

MAY 2009:        Well we're now back from the States and the operation is over! Everyone who has had a chance to see Henry must have noticed the huge difference in the way he moves and the range of motion he now has. We are so happy with the results, it has really been worth it. It is now up to us to give Henry all the physio he needs to build up his weak legs and to fire up the muscles he hasn't been able to use before. Now the surgery is over and we have time to reflect, we still cannot believe how lucky we are and can't keep thanking all the people who have made this possible. Even while we were away, the donations and sponsored events were taking place and we would like to thank everyone who has played a part and give a mention to the following:

Auntie Kathryn & Dan (and congratulations on the birth of gorgeous little Amy), Laura & Sandro, Jaguar Club, Anonymous donation at Guardian office, HTS Worldwide aircraft engineers DHL Leipzig Germany, Tracey Hurley - Aqua Sulis , Steve Millen, Donald Bevan, Ladies Bee Team Skittles Sticker up money, Halifax B Society for their collection bucket, Mike Clarkes Boss's children Read hair, L Kelly, C & YK Dix, Nicola Downing, Mendip Male Voice Choir, Ann & Gus Hayers, GCHQ Nobbers Golf Society, Lindsay Eastham, Iris (Australia), Dennis and the rest of the Bath Half Marathon runners Mr Gray, AB Mcintosh, Miton Assett, John Harvey, F & FH Stuart, E J Daniels, C L McCausland, V & A Schwartz, Carol Channon, Eagle Mailing, Calender Girls, Anonymous donation through Nanan’s door, Maureen Carpeneter, Mr Richard from Littlesea, St Benedicts school for the fashion show, Andy & Sarah Jones, CA Tucker, AND ANYONE ELSE WHO WE MAY HAVE MISSED (sorry if we have, it's been so hectic, but we have tried to make sure we know who has helped us and thank them).


MARCH 2009:        Well it seems we're never going to be able to say thank you enough to all the people who have been so supportive over the last few months - but we're certainly going to try!! Thank you, thank you, thank you and we would like to give a mention to the following:

Everyone at daddy’s work (Sun Chemical) for the sponsored walk – especially Tracy for organizing it, Steph, Emma and everyone involved in the Toy Sale, Sneakers and Mardons Club for the Fundraiser, Auntie Kelly for her Chocolate Party, Henry’s School – St Benedicts for all their fundraising events, MPB Smith, W McKenzie, L Chappell, Aunitie Jean, Uncle Woody, Auntie Louise's Grandparents, Workroom 2 at NR College, Mr & Mrs Green, D Charleston, Ian (Carol Channons son), Mrs Smith (Wills mum), Butler & Tanner Admin Dept, Muriel (Twinks neighbour), Zena (Twinks friend), Marie Hartland, N J Simpson, K A Tinnirello, J Megson, Sam &Hugh McgillParson, CFH Total Documents, Steve Hall & Family, Geoff Hodder, Rachael Cox for her cake sales, E&P Willcox, Maureen Iles, June Jones, Jill Kingman, Donation in memory of John Hurley, Lisa Young, Barbara Chambers, Stephanie Chambers, Rachael Chambers, Plasterers from Grampy Rob’s Work (Tom & Luke), David & Hilary Ebbage, Nick & Pauline Rogers, Horizon Methodist music group, Soo Carter, Mr Richard from Littlesea, HDC & GF Taylor, Jill from Wellow RDA and daughters, Jane Bruce, Anonymous Donation Friend of Browny, Elizabeth Bruen, Parfitt Removals Family, Tom Cooper, The Bee Team Ladies Skitles, Marg Deverell;Linda Harding & Tracy Maggs, Jamie’s Auntie Val Uncle John & Louise, Auntie Julie, Brian Gibbs, Sarah Richards, Auntie Jo Jo, Dennis & Sue Barter, Paul Tarmas, Sue & Colin, MSN Methodist Church, Laura Jardine, Kirsten Rumble, Sara NRC Library, Rob Cooper, Ken Norris, R Church & JL Penny, TC & LM Preddy, Robbie Allen, Little learners, Teresa & Eddy, Antonioa's coffee morning, Selwood Printing Works SickSociety, Stuart Smith, Donna Dury's Son, Norad Travel, Mark Evans, Peter & Peggy Hazleton, Uncle Steve & Auntie Shirley, C Pecchia & A Lai, Moira Lai, Sue & Colin Legge, Peter & Pat Munroe, Roper Rhodes Swear Box, Martin and Centurion Travel.


FEBRUARY 2009:        Henry's operation is drawing ever nearer and once again we have been bowled over by the support and donations which have been flooding in during the last month. We have had some considerable donations and we would especially like to thank the Sperring Trust for their generous offer. However, we would just as much like to thank the following for their efforts and contributions, thank you, thank you thank you:

Great Grampy Jim, Auntie Sue & Uncle Bern, J Gill (Stan), High Littleton Methodist church (Margaret Fussel), Owen Baker, A Blackmore & S Shepard, Sceptre Security & Support (Lee), Martock Charity Shop, Granny Jayne's Cousin (Malcolms sister), M J Dyer, Mrs D M Hooper, G Walmsley, Mrs DM Millar, Carol Channon, Nicky Kev Marsh Paige Freya-May & Ethan Smith, Jill from the Wellow RDA group, Man who went into Guardian Offices to donate, Alex Brooks, Denise & John Kurek, Bev & Andy Iles, Lakeland, Kelly Scholtz, Debbie Comer, T&J Ford, R & S Fear, Adam Gould & his skiing buddies, The Lions Club, Parker Transport, Sue & Dennis Barter, Martin & Ann Davis, Ian & Audrey Williams, Somer Valey Rotary, JM Smith (JO & WILL), Uncle Keith's policeman friend for donating money from his leaving do, Emma & Gary Widcome, Adam Wilkinson, Dave Baker, Tess, Debbie Megson, Ali Sally (Peppa pig DVDS), Everyone involved in the Zumbathon



JANUARY 2009:        During the month of January we have once again received numerous very kind donations and offers of support. We would also like to give big thanks to the following people:

The Downing Family, Nic, James & Noah Andrews, Graham 'Scooby' Bullman, Rene Godfrey, Auntie Cheryl for her quiz at work, Mr & Mrs Shaw, Paul Watson, R Yelling, Auntie Dot & Uncle George Doughty & Family, TJ & KS Kelson, Isabelle Tibbetts, a lady in Sainsburys, Lynn Morris, Staff at Hope House Surgery, Matt & Fliss' work colleague, DW & CE Spencer, Mrs B A Howe, P & JM Packman, John Barter Transport, Bob Smith, AG & JA Moore, Miss J Tanner Jules Jo & Archie, Auntie Sandra, PA & HA Bray, Leon & Steff Coombs,  Mark & Julie Robins & the boys, Lucy & Leyton Carpenter.

HUGE Thanks to Northwest Airlines for sponsoring Polly and Henry's flights to St Louis.

Also, we have draw tickets now available so we would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to the people who have donated the  prizes:

Trish Jones for 1 week in a self catering 4 person lodge in Bude, Cornwall

Nannan, Grampy, Nanny & Papa for 1 week in a Haven holiday home at Littlesea, Weymouth.

Farrington Golf Club for 2 x vouchers for a 4 Ball Round of Golf

Mirage Inks for 3 Course Meal for 2, including wine at Ston Easton Park Hotel


CHRISTMAS 2008:        Over the Christmas period, we have received many generous donations in Christmas Cards and fundraising activities, so we would like to give a massive shout out to the following people for their kindness and support:

Private Donations:        Nanny & Papa (Henry's Great Grandparents), Nanan, Uncle Toby & Auntie Cheryl, Auntie Sam, Uncle Andrew, Ellie & Ben, Uncle Jack & Louise, Kelly & Jamie, Lauren Strawbridge, Tim & Kath, Chris Alford, Steve & Tracey Taylor and their friends Mr & Mrs Cross, Julie & Chris Roper, Nanan's Auntie Pat, Sue Angel, Ted & Jean, Alison Barlow, Dave Goodway, Julie & Merv, Uncle Mike, Auntie Peggy & Uncle Tom, Julie & Ray Clarke, Zoe & Steve, Rendez-Vous Craft, Ingrid, Colin Payne, Stuart Rogers, Mulberry, Chris & Lesley Smith.

Fundraising:        Grampy Rich & Auntie Pat for their collection at their birthday party and donations from the cards they received. Auntie Anne & Uncle Clive for the collection at Clives' birthday party and for the fundraising draw. Sally & Nathan and the BFE crew who held a silly hat competition on their Xmas weekend. Auntie Cheryl for her cake sale at work, Jane & Co, Lyn Morris, Essential Skills & Engineering and Workroom 2 at Norton Radstock College.


NOVEMBER 2008:        The next big shout out goes to one of our best and 'oldest' swimming mates NICK DOBLE who raised an immense £2500 from his attempt to swim the English Channel. It was an amazing effort and I'm sure he's already planning his next bid. Maybe he could be joined by Henry and his Dad in a few years for a relay? Thanks Dibbo. x


2006:        The first big shout out goes to NEIL BUTTON and the PARFANON boys who began the fundraising back in 2006. It was a hugely successful event which was largely driven by Neil and was a big stepping stone to the creation of the Henry Ford Trust. Also a big thank you to everyone who helped in the first round of fundraising.