The Brainwave Programme


Since Henry was very young, he has been attending the Brainwave Centre in Bridgwater, Somerset. The Brainwave programme is based on the conventions of neuroplasticity, aims to develop the maximum potential of each child. In taking an integrated approach to a child's physical and cognitive development we also aim to enhance a child's social skills and emotional well-being.

The main principles incorporated to improve motor performance are to encourage patterns of normal movement, inhibit abnormal movement patterns and reduce the effect of increased muscle tone.

We found the major benefits of this programme were that because we were paying money from Henry's fund to participate, it ensured that we followed the intensive therapy routine which was designed for him. Once we got into this routine it was easier to keep up and adjust in accordance with Henry's NHS physio and now Henry no longer attends Brainwave sessions.

 More information regarding Brainwave can be found at their website: