hyperbaric oxygen treatment (hBot)


Henry has now had 2 intensive rounds of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments at the 'Breath for Life' centre in Morecambe. this involved 20 'dives' over a 2 week period, which is a lot to ask of a young child, but Henry was very brave and compliant throughout and did not kick up any fuss.

During HBoT,  Henry wears a specially designed hood, which allows him to play, read or watch TV, whilst receiving 100% pure oxygen through the hoods. The chamber is pressurised to 1.75 bar, which is the equivalent of diving 24ft under water. The idea behind the therapy is as follows:

In simple terms, oxygen is normally carried around the body in the blood, but following a trauma or injury; blood flow to that area is dramatically reduced. During hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the oxygen cells in the blood are compressed allowing them to be carried in the blood plasma through the smaller capillaries into those damaged areas. This can revive any 'idling' living neurons, which are present in the damaged area.

David and his helpers at the 'Breath for Life' centre were fantastic during our time there and feel Henry certainly benefited from the treatment. It's a shame we do not live closer otherwise we would use the facilities more often. More details can be found at the website: