Henry needs an ordered physiotherapy routine to keep his tight muscles stretched and build strength in muscles that are not spastic. Family and friends follow a daily exercise program developed by the Brainwave Centre which is checked and adapted as necessary by Henry's excellent NHS physio who sees him once a fortnight.

The programme is designed to encourage Henry to build a strength base for improved gait and volitional movement, together with stretches to limit contractures. With most cases of spastic diplegia, life-long physical therapy is crucial to maintain muscle tone, bone structure, and prevent dislocation of the joints.

Most of the time, Henry is very good with his exercise programme although as with most children, he has good days and bad days. Since he has started school he has become very tired in the early evenings when we usually do his exercises and so we may need to rethink our schedule so that Henry gets the most out of his physio sessions.