I love the Disney film Cars and so does Will. My favourite character is Mack, he's a truck who takes Lightning McQueen to his Piston Cup races. Will likes Lightning McQueen best and here's a picture of us when we found him at Disneyland.

In Cars there is a scene I really like called tractor tipping where Mater and Lightning tip over all the tractors by making loud noises. I really like tractors too. My favourite is Tractor Ted who lives near us. I have Tractor Ted DVDs and Jumpers. Sometimes, Mummy and Daddy take me and Will to see him.

We are very lucky because my Nanan and Grampy have a caravan by the sea in Weymouth and they let us use it at weekends and school holidays. Here is a picture of me and Will in the caravan.

When we go to the caravan, if we're good, we go to the Tiger Club where we see all our Tiger club friends - Rory the Tiger, Bradley Bear, Anxious the Elephant, Greedy the Gorilla, Polly the Dolly, Merlin the Wizard and Naughty Ned. I was at the caravan last year for my birthday and got up on stage with Bradley Bear who got me a cake and sang happy birthday to me.

They have a disco at the Tiger Club and I love to dance and sing. I really like music and Daddy is going to teach me how to be a DJ.